WKG - ventilators

Catering facilities, both large ones and small ones from the ventilation point of view, require special attention. Ventilation in such places is not only limited to excitation of air circulation. Together with the air, unwanted products are created during the preparation of dishes, such as smells, water vapor and fats floating with the air. In order to get rid of them, fans are needed - efficient, but also easy to clean. Thanks to proper and efficient ventilation adapted to these conditions maintaining healthy and comfortable air compositionwill become a natural feature of ventilated rooms. However, the workload related to maintenance of the ventilation system is reduced to necessary minimum. Radial fan in a housing made of galvanized steel sheet, thermally and acoustically insulated with mineral wool, 40 mm thick, designed mainly for use in kitchen hood installations. Designed to allow easy access through the inspection door to fan's inside, and thus easy cleaning and maintenance. The fan allows condensate to be drained through 16mm drainage connector. click and move