K-BOX - duct ventilators

K-Box, due to their construction, may be mainly applied in:
• kitchen
• restaurants
• bars and diners
Separation of the motor space from the rotor space makes it possible to use K-Box ventilator in environment of 95% humidity and temperature range -15°C ÷ +100°C. Range of air capacity from 4100 up to 15 500 m3/h makes it possible to select proper ventilator for each customer. Condensations and fat vapours do not interrupt ventilator operation, and the under plate below the rotor for possible impurities makes it easy to keep cleaniness while operation. Modular design of walls made of galvanized sheet filled with polyurethane core, as well as construction made of aluminium profiles makes it possible to adopt the ventilator to individual needs of the customer.